Our Solar Power Purchase Agreement

Go Solar without paying for the system and save with our low 9% solar electricity supply discount rates.*

We have a new way of providing you with clean, reliable & cheap solar electricity direct to your business or government department. With Carbon Friendly’s new “Solar Power Purchase Agreements” make it affordable, simple and accessible. 

The best part is you can lock in our low electricity rates over the long-term without having to pay for the cost to buy & install the solar system.

As rooftop solar systems are a “BOLT ON / BOLT OFF” option CFE will pay to install a suitable sized solar system on your premises. We’ll also take care of all the regulatory paperwork and connection fees. While this system belongs to us we will continue to pay for any maintenance costs, annual cleaning and regular performance inspections.

CFE will take care of the lot, and if you choose you can buy the system at any time at a depreciated rate or at the end of the Supply Agreement

Before you decide if this is right for your business you will need to consider the following:

  • As solar produces all of it’s electricity in the day time it is best suited to business and institutions that use a lot of electricity in the day time.
  • For a small increase in the rate an OFF GRID solar solution could be designed for your premises if it is suitable providing you with security during natural disasters and power outages.
  • As this is a long term commitment of 7 & 10 years it is worth considering your current and future circumstances or if you are planning on relocating in the near future.

What happens if I move or sell my business?

The good news is that thanks to our flexible approach we are able to transfer the Solar Supply Agreement to the next tenant if you move or sell your business. Or if you are unable to transfer the agreement you can pay an exit fee and we will remove the system altogether.

So with the ability to BUY, TRANSFER or REMOVE the system at any time you can decide to go clean and green with Solar Power with the confidence while saving on your monthly electricity costs.