Our Services

We believe in, and are dedicated to, making a better place to live by doing things in a smarter, more efficient, and cleaner way whilst reducing waste, impact and cost. 

Our company consists of 3 main divisions:
  • Consultancy  – Energy Efficiency / Renewable Energy ,  Auditing and Energy Purchasing.
  • Procurement –  supply of Energy Efficiency, Renewables and Energy Storage Systems
  • Project Delivery – Engineering, Procurement, Installation Structural, Mechanical, Piping and Electrical Operational Works Division

With our support and know how you can now easily navigate the energy landscape.

Our Internationally Certified Energy Managers, Energy Engineers and Consultancy Team consist of Thought Leaders and Innovators that have over a century of combined experience in industries such as Government Infrastructure, Utilities, Power Stations, Food, Manufacturing, Transport, Construction, Commercial, Industrial and Mining.

Our Services include:

  • Site energy efficiency auditing to Australian standards (Level 1, 2 & 3)
  • Real-time monitoring and load profiling service
  • Peak load demand shaving and mitigation
  • Assistance with finance, grants and funding
  • Energy efficiency consultancy and procurement of energy efficiency and renewable energy products
  • Preparation of a tailored Energy Management Plan
  • Solar Farm EPC & Energy storage
  • Above ground storage tank inspection incl. statutory inspections, tank repairs, water / energy storage or tank relocation
  • Power quality conditioning
  • Post-installation maintenance
  • Energy engineering design
  • Waste streams to energy or recycling
  • Boosting sustainability
  • Strengthening client social licence to operate
  • Turn-key approach: Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management (EPCM) 
  • Project Lifecycle Delivery 

As an Australian owned company we seek to walk gently on the land in a sustainable way.

We firmly believe that the water, the air, the land and the environment provide us with life by nourishing and sustaining us. Therefore it is vital that we collectively work together to ensure and improve the quality of these life giving elements for the future generations of all Australians.

At Carbon Friendly Enterprises we have set an unparraleled standard in sustainable renewable energy operations and energy efficient systems to reduce, reuse, renew, refuse and recycle waste into Energy. As a 100% First Nations Australian owned and operated company let us help you meet your Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP), Reconciliation Action Plan, or Solar, Renewable Energy and Energy Management requirements. CFE can be found as a Certified member of both Supply Nation and Black Business Finder as well as being registered on the Industry Connection Network (ICN). 

Increasingly the government and the private sector are seeking to purchase goods and services from Australian Owned businesses in order to capacity build within our local communities as each dollar invested into and circulated within our communities saves the government upto $8 according to a recent report. This is good for Australian businesses and good for Australian industry by integrating and introducing locally owned and operated businesses into private sector and government supply chains to make a real difference.

CFE is setting a new standard in quality engineering installations while creating an opportunity for land, water and environmental reconciliation through renewable energy, solar generation and certified energy engineering best practice!

NOTICE: All Traditional Artwork on the CFE website is owned with all rights reserved by CFE without prejudice and proudly hang upon the walls of our offices. Any unauthorised reproduction will result in prosecution.