As Electricity Costs increase on an ever upward trend companies and government institutions are looking at ways to reduce energy overheads, network supply charges and Peak Demand costs.

With over half of a century of experience our team of commercial scale energy generation, solar and renewable energy engineers can help you gain immediate “Positively Geared” and high rate of return savings while accumulating income generating assets for your company.



RPEQ Approved >30kW Commercial Solar & >100kW Solar Generation Power Stations:

We have a strong commercial solar based business that support the industrial sector, as a specialist supplier of Solar Power Solutions from 30kW to 100kW or more as a Registered Power Generator with combination systems, and standalone independent solar generated power system (SPS) for equipment that is remotely based. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of Energy Creation, Energy Management, Energy Recycling and Energy Re/Usage across the Farming, Commercial and Industrial markets.

Custom Designed Hybrid Microgrid Inverter Systems for Solar, Wind, Battery Storage and Diesel Generator Integration:

At CFE we have the capability to Audit, Monitor, Asses, Design, Develop, Manage, FEED, Supply, Install & Maintain Appropriate Renewable Energy Systems, Industrial Energy Harvesting Equipment, Automation Systems and Backup Generator Improvements that will have the biggest positive impact on our client’s operational needs.

Power Factor Correction, Phase Balancing and Harmonic Filtering (before & after):

CFE offers world class cutting edge Power Factor Correction technology that is predictive and learns your sites energy patterns maintaining an average power factor of 0.99 (+-.001)

Wind Power Electricity Hybrid Systems:

Since our inception over 10 years ago CFE has continued to raise the ‘bar’ on industry acceptable service standards and reliable wind powered equipment. Our history started with electric drive Euclid fleet maintenance that use the exact same generators as the major wind turbines use today. This gives us over 20 years experience working with this technology.



Concentrated Solar Power, Steam Generation Engineering Design & Install:

Large Scale Bio Energy Storage EPCM:





Bio Gas Methane Digester Engineering & Install:

More and more local municipalities and farmers are turning to methane to generate power. Contact our team of engineers regarding regulatory compliance, FEED and project feasibility.



Hydro Electricity, Tidal Power and Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Design & Install:

Tidal and hydro power have been used for thousands of years. Our team of chartered engineers can help you design and implement micro to utility scale hydro power systems.



Carbon Friendly energy efficiency engineers saving you time, money & energy!

Lets work together to create a better tomorrow today!!!

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