Our History

Carbon Friendly Enterprises (CFE) has been delivering energy efficiency and renewable energy projects since 2007. Starting out as an energy efficient lighting supplier to major wholesalers, CFE were one of the first Australian companies to import and install the most energy efficient, best quality and reliable Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lights available on the international market.

Our team of professionals physically visited and vetted a multitude of overseas LED manufactures to ensure that we could establish suitable quality control measures and source only the best and most reliable products.

While CFE is no longer an importer of LED lights we know what difference manufacturing standards make regarding longevity, quality and performance.

In 2007, one of CFE’s first major solar powered LED project was at the Mackay Plantation Palms “Solar LED Street Lighting” project. CFE fast became an industry advisory body to various commercial, mining, industrial & government departments on the advantages of LED’s, well ahead of our time.

In 2008, CFE was instrumental in the Department of Housing & Public Works (DHPW) first ever ‘LED Street Lighting Project’ resulting in LED’s becoming a part of the DHPW Standard Lighting Specification from then onwards.

In March 2008, CFE delivered lighting and energy saving advice for the first ever ‘LED Street Light Field Trials’ with Ergon Energy across Queensland.

CFE then started to deliver more and more energy audits and commercial-scale energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. CFE has designed, engineered, procured and constructed over 300 solar projects that deliver over 2.8 Gigawatts of electricity into the Australian NEM Grid annually.

CFE primarily focuses on procurement and installation of commercial-scale solar, industrial and intelligent LED retrofit solutions, business tariff re-negotiation, power quality solutions (power factor correction, load balancing and harmonic mitigation) and energy audits (Level 1-3).

Some of the sample projects include a commercial customers Energy Efficiency Program. CFE performed energy audit levels 1 & 2 and identified energy efficiency opportunities with less than 3 years return on investment. CFE completed front-end engineering design and feasibility study for all sites including 1.14 Megawatts of Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

CFE completed the front-end engineering design for a 50 Megawatts Solar PV, wind power, battery storage and waste to energy project for a remote island community.

CFE delivered an Energy Efficiency Upgrade Project for an industrial customer including energy audit level 1, feasibility study, energy modelling and cost-benefit analysis showed return on investment of over 50% for all findings. CFE also structured a Solar Power Purchase Agreement on a discounted rate for seven, ten and fifteen years.

Today, CFE now provides complete energy solutions including smarter billing, energy efficient process equipment, peak load demand shaving and mitigation, battery storage systems, power quality conditioning and renewable energy supply including solar photovoltaic, wind, pumped hydro and waste-to-energy solutions as well as turnkey solutions and full project life-cycle services.