Carbon Friendly has a long history in Solar & Energy Efficient LED Lighting

In 2007 Carbon Friendly Enterprises began importing and installing the most energy efficient and best quality reliable LED lights available on the International market and we are one of the first in Australia to do so.

Our team of professionals physically visited and vetted a multitude of overseas LED manufactures to ensure that we could establish suitable quality control measures and source only the best most reliable products becoming an efficient lighting supplier to major wholesalers across Australia in 2007.

While CFE is no longer an importer of LED lights we know that not all LED’s are made the same and we know the difference.

One of CFE’s first major Solar Powered LED projects was with the Mackay Plantation Palms “Solar LED Street Lighting” project back in 2007. CFE fast became an industry advisory body to various commercial, mining, industrial & government departments on the advantages of LED’s well ahead of our time and we were instrumental in the Department of Housing & Public Works (DHPW) first ever LED street lighting project in 2008 resulting in LED’s becoming a part of the DHPW standard lighting specification from then on.

This was followed up with CFE delivering lighting and energy saving advice for the first ever Queensland Ergon Energy LED “Street Light Field Trials” in March 2008. CFE also conducted the first ever LED lighting upgrade in the Qld mining industry at the BHP Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) Black Water Central Mine & Black Water Thermal Plant in 2009. CFE was also the first to recommended to MacArthur Coal & United Group Limited (UGL) to change out all of the lights on the Drag-Lines to LED’s.

CFE has further supplied LED lights and advice to Rio Tinto in setting up thier first ever LED lighting field trials in Western Australia (WA). As well as many other LED & lighting efficiency upgrade projects from Melbourne to Cairns including the Mackay Airport lighting efficiency upgrade, Werner Engineering LED lighting Ergon funded upgrade, and supplied LED lighting to  KOMATSU Australia.

With CFE you can save upto 85% on electricity used to light your business or government facility.

At CFE we know LED’s are not all made the same. That is why we only source the best, most reliable and highest performing LED’s available.

CFE can also help you gain additional funding support from various funding bodies and as an Ergon Trade Ally Network (TAN) Member we ensure that all of our projects are measured and verified to the international M&VP standard before and after installation to ensure that our savings estimates are as good as we say or better.


Of course the greatest savings are generated when the right LED’s are incorporated in the design phase.

So contact CFE to help with any up and coming energy efficiency projects to ensure that you have not only the right LED’s but also the additional equipment required to ensure your LED assets are protected from dirty power and the harsh Australian environment.

Carbon Friendly truly are the Australian Authority and Industry Leaders on LED and energy efficient lighting technology suitable for Australia’s harsh environment.