Carbon Friendly Enterprises has partnered with Australia’s largest financial institutions to deliver ZERO CAPITAL OUTLAY positively geared low interest zero deposit loans.

CFE structures our projects to be “Positively Geared” investments working with investment teams to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

CFE provides comprehensive financial forecasts as based on actual recorded data so you can reduce your energy costs with confidence while gaining an asset & the compounding savings that result once the 5 year low interest loan is paid out.


CFE’s Expertise Includes:

  • Engineering Design and Installation of Solar & Energy Efficiency Upgrade Projects.
  • Installation of Energy Storage Projects.
  • Procurement and supply with contracts ensuring the protection of our clients.
  • Measurement & Verification to International Standards Before and After Installation.
  • Assistance in Applying for Funding and Finance.
  • Asset Management and System Continuous Improvement to Ensure Savings are Maximized Throughout the Life Cycle of the Assets.

At CFE we know that the all Funding has an end date with an ever changing array of requirements from Local, State, Federal and Private Sectors. Therefore it is important to have someone in your corner that has forged working relationships with the relevant funding bodies with their fingers on the pulse of energy efficiency upgrade funding opportunities. 

CFE has been able to successfully gain upto 70% cash back project funding incentive payments for our clients further accelerating ROI’s.

Whether you are a Non-For Profit, Education Facility or Private Company we can source the relevant funding to save you up-to 50% of your total project costs.

CFE is also an Ergon Trade Ally Network Member delivering Ergon Energy’s “Cash Back Incentive Program” in Emerald, Gladstone, South Mackay, Ooralea, North Mackay, Cannonvale, Townsvile  & Cairns.

We can apply for funding for funding for Power Factor Correction (PFC), Variable Frequency Drive Upgrades, LED lighting upgrades, Solar and Energy Efficiency Upgrade Projects. The Funding is paid 30 days after project commissioning, measurement & verification by a registered Ergon Trade Ally Network Member with Cash Back Incentives upto $300/KVA

In our experience the funding that we have secured for our clients has ensured the successful implementation of energy saving projects and catapulted them into higher profit margins as their energy costs and production costs per item come down.

With Federal State and Private sector funding now culminating in a perfect storm of funding there has been no better time to invest in your own company and gain the ROI’s of 30%-150% per that we have been able to deliver.

It is also worth noting that both the Small-scale Certificates (STC) and Large-scale Generating Certificates (LGC) have already started reducing by 1/15th every year and will continue to do so until 2030 when they will reduce to zero.

With funding opportunities this good it is costing you money every day that you delay. So what are you waiting for?

Always remember that the Sun belongs to us all and Sunlight has always been the number one energy source on Earth with daily down pours of Giga Watts of electricity falling from the sky like rain. Contact CFE to design a bucket to help you catch this daily deluge of free Solar Power!

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