CFE can help you measure, monitor, control, create and manage your energy.

Carbon Friendly offers a variety of services to Audit, Monitor, Assess, Design, Develop, Manage, Deliver, Install & Maintain Appropriate Renewable Energy & Technology, Industrial Energy Harvesting Equipment, Automated Management Systems, Power Factor Metering, Harmonic Metering, Measurement & Verification and Human Behavioral Activities that will have the biggest positive impact on your operational needs. CFE delivers whole life-cycle projects from project initiation right through to commissioning and handover with highly technical quality assurance controls throughout the entire process. Click on the services below to know more:

The Benefits of Energy Managment



CFE delivers world class project engineering, project management & strict quality control by adhering to international engineering standards. Our project all follow the same path from initiation to completion with the typical project life cycle as follows:

Step 1: Site Assessment and Opportunity Identification

Step 2: Front End Engineering Project Design

Step 3: Client Side Procurement

Step 4: Finance & Funding Documentation

Step 5: Client Side Project Management & Project Delivery

Step 6: Client Side Asset Maintenance & Continuous Improvement


Energy Auditing, Site Electrical Profile & Real Time Metering

If you do not know how, when and where your Energy is being used within your facility – how can you hope to understand or begin to manage it?



Front End Engineering & Design (FEED)

FEED feasibility studies always operating in the capacity of Client Side Project Representative on highly technical equipment, modifications, renewable energy generation and system efficiency upgrades. CFE will only endorse products that have been tried and proven in industry to have the biggest positive impact on reducing waste, lowering operational costs and generating savings with predefined payback periods.



LED Efficient Lighting

Carbon Friendly has a long history importing and installing the most energy efficient and reliable LED lights available on the International market.

At CFE we know LED’s are not all made the same. That is why we only source the best, most reliable and highest performing LED’s.

CFE can also help you gain additional funding support from various funding bodies.

As can be seen on the picture to the right the middle row has been cahnged for LED’s with higher lux levels and better lighting quality without the harmful x-rays and gamma rays from conventional Metal Halide lighting.



Energy Purchasing & Tariff Renegotiation

The Electricity Market has a complex energy pricing structure with many hidden costs and charges. We offer the guidance of professionals who know the ins-and-outs of electricity markets and policy developments to negotiate your energy contract to get Real Cost Savings.



Waste Heat Recovery

We at Carbon Friendly are at the cutting edge of waste heat to energy conversion and energy storage. From Heating Ventilation & Cooling HVAC, Centralised Chillers, Refrigeration, Co-generation, Tri-Generation and Quad generation projects.



Specialist Engineering Design & Installations

CFE Chartered RPEQ engineers can deliver whole of life project delivery from Front End Engineering & Design right through to commissioning and handover to ensure technical quality assurance, engineering compliance and certified registration as is a requirement for most network connected infrastructure requirements and for funding/grants currently available.