If you do not measure your energy– how can you manage it?

"I would like to personally thank CFE for conducting energy audits at both of our facilities here in Mackay. The knowledge and passion you display in this field is impressive. I found the audit reports to be very detailed and a great tool to help KOMATSU Australia on our journey for sustainability."
Gary Clarke
KOMATSU Australia Pty Ltd - Mackay Branch Manager

What is an Energy Audit & why have one?

Energy audits are investigations of energy use for a defined audit object, such as a manufacturing site, mine site or water treatment plant. They enable the identification of energy use and costs, from which energy cost and consumption control measures can be implemented and reviewed.

An energy audit is an important step for an organization, regardless of its size, type or area of operation.

There are differences in approach to energy auditing in terms of scope, boundary and objective, as such an energy audit may cover the whole industrial site or part of an industrial site.

Energy audits encompass all forms of energy used in organizations and are only undertaken by appropriately Trained and competent personnel within CFE.


Level 1 Energy Audit

This is the most basic energy audit and involves mapping out consumption patterns and producing a detailed report to for the client. The level 1 audit is sometimes called and overview.

A level 1 energy audit is a great place to start for any business of any size to first identify the largest potential savings opportunities. CFE can then drill down further into these options to gain a fairly accurate feasibility analysis +-30% on any potential savings.

Level 2 Energy Audit

This is the mid-level energy audit and is more detailed than Level 1. It involves more work on the nominated site, including all major equipment analysis and investigating consumption targets and indicators, usually Energy monitoring to develop load profile is recommended. As well as a report on the outcome of the audit, financial breakdown and a briefing of personnel is undertaken to ensure capacity building in energy awareness within your business.

Level 3 Energy Audit

This is the most comprehensive, detailed and complicated level of audit as per the standard. It can be performed for the whole site or part of a site. Energy Monitoring is required as a starting point to establish base energy profile and participation from management, key floor staff and nominated site energy manager is recommended. The report will also be longer and cover in detail all findings and recommendations, it is also accompanied by a presentation to key personnel and detailed financial breakdown.

How often should you perform your Energy Audits?

Energy audits should be undertaken every 3 to 5 years or subsequent to any significant plant, equipment or process upgrades and in most cases, implementing energy audit recommendations will achieve significant cost savings.  

CFE is so confident in our knowledge and experience that we provide a Money Back guarantee of the cost of the audit that if the implementation of recommendations is carried out by Carbon Friendly you will save money.

Further more if all of CFE’s recommendations are implemented we will refund the cost of the audit as a Cash Back Bonus.