CFE Combines Front End Engineering Design & Continuous Improvement with Amazing Results

Energy Efficiency, Solar Power, Renewable Energy & Renewable Energy Storage is definitely not a “one size fits all”. We are only going to recommend equipment or systems that we know are reliable with a proven track record that suits your application, working environment and needs.

Carbon Friendly is abreast of what current cutting edge technology is available and as our team have been delivering international energy efficient projects for over 10 years now. Hence, we are able to assess tried and tested available tech options based on their suitability, design constraints,  your requirements and the harsh Australian environment.

Carbon Friendly is an independent Client Side Representative with highly qualified engineering quality control that will only recommend what is the most suitable for your business model, budget and working environment.


Our international Energy Engineering and RPEQ accreditations tie in with reliable energy efficiency design as systems can be designed to have a compounding benefit on the overall efficiency of a plant or operation. CFE uses continuous improvement within our Front End Engineering & Design (FEED) approach to ensure an open dialogue feed-back mechanism that we use to ensure that all stakeholders work together to continually to improve plant efficiency from cradle to grave thereby designing in future proofing options into the original design.

CFE assess each potential project against these 4 main elements:

  • Management – planning, goals & objectives, reviewing progress.
  • Resources – people, tools, equipment etc.
  • Services or Products ‘realisation’ – whatever is involved in creating or delivering them.
  • MonitorMeasurement & Checking – the all-important feedback loop.

All these elements work together in the system with the overall aims of:

  • Producing services or goods of consistent quality which meet or exceed all applicable requirements
  • Increasing Efficiency.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Ensuring predefined payback periods