About Carbon Friendly Enterprises (CFE)

Carbon Friendly Enterprises (CFE) has been delivering solar and renewable projects since 2007. Starting out as a Family-Owned Australian Company consisting of a mix of First Nations, Australian and Multicultural backgrounds.

We believe in, and are dedicated to, making a better place to live by doing things in a smarter, more efficient, and cleaner whilst helping do it with less waste, impact and cost. 

Our company consists of 3 main divisions:
  • Consultancy  – Energy Efficiency / Renewable Energy ,  Auditing and Energy Purchasing.
  • Procurement –  supply of Energy Efficiency, Renewables and Energy Storage Systems
  • Project Delivery – Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Electrical Operational Works Division

At CFE, we use the experience in a highly specialised field of: Energy Engineering & Management

With our support and know how you can navigate the energy landscape.

Our Internationally Certified Energy Managers, Energy Engineers and Consultancy Team consist of Thought Leaders and Innovators that have over a century of combined experience in industries such as Government Infrastructure, Utilities, Power Stations, Food, Manufacturing, Transport, Construction, Commercial, Industrial and Mining.

CFE assists in delivering your  Energy Generation and Management needs Australia wide.

We believe in, and are dedicated to, making a better place to live by doing things in a smarter, more efficient, and cleaner whilst helping do it with less waste, impact and cost. 

CFE assists in delivering your  Energy Generation and Management needs Australia wide.

We take all the guess work out of the equations.

Giving you the facts you need to make an informed decision.

CFE  has been delivering world class projects for over a decade with 100% success rate and 3,922 days of installation with ZERO Lost Time Injuries (LTI’s).

Meet Our Management Team 

Rhonda Laifoo ~ Managing Director & CEO

Having years of experience on the board of directors of two major companies delivering projects and providing high quality technical & engineering services from the Bowen Basin to WA since 2004  – setting new levels in quality service in good economic and environmental governance via the renewable industry.

“I believe that together we can and will make a positive difference for our future generations through renewable energy.”



Jemal Solo (ICEM) Regional Manager & Senior Electrical Superintendent

Internationally Certified Energy Manager, Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accreditation for On and Off Grid Solar/Wind/Microhydro, Member of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), Electrical Fitter /Mechanic (Special Class), Master Electricians Member & CFE Energy Management Consultant

“It is my personal mission to continue setting the benchmark in Australia for the best quality Renewable Energy service delivery installed to a heavy Industrial & Mining standard and providing the best possible energy efficient solutions, waste reduction strategies and cost reduction benefits that will flow from them.”



Zim Solo (RPEQ) Project Director & Principal Engineer

National Engineering Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland, Member of the Association of Energy Engineers, Internationally Certified Energy Manager, Chartered Professional Engineer (Mechanical), Chartered Professional Engineer (Medical), Member of Institute of Engineers Australia, CertIV Project Management, Construction Engineer, Project Engineer, Project Director, Energy Management Consultant. Zim has also engaged in multiple international volunteer projects and was a founding member of the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Chapter and has delivered projects worldwide across 11 countries.

“Your projects will be successful by design, not by chance.” 

Zim has successfully demonstrated this through delivering a diverse portfolio of high rate of return, micro grid and energy efficient projects within the private, international and Government sectors with a 100% success rate.



Ron Kane ~ Senior Electrical Supervisor / WHSO / Auditor

Senior Electrical Construction Manager, Senior Project Manager and OH&S Manager. Ron also holds a Cert IV in Hazardous Area Electrical (EEHA), Ceft IV ESI Generation Operations, WA “A” Class Electrical Lic, Qld “A” Class Electrical Lic, Vic “A” Class Electrical Lic and is a qualified OH&S Officer with an Associate Diploma in Project Management and an Advanced Certificate in Engineering with over 30 years of commercial, industrial and utility scale electrical experience.

“I have managed or supervised many major efficiency upgrade projects on HV, E&I and EEHA contracts on $100m+ Green and Brownfield projects involving the construction of Water Treatment Plants, 12 x Power Stations (Diesel, Coal, Gas, Oil, Hydro), Aluminum Refineries, Shipping Wharfs, HV/LV Switchyards and HV/LV Switchrooms and reticulation systems. I am excited to be delivering cutting edge alternative energy and renewable technologies to help support these Australian industries to be more sustainable, environmentally friendly and economically resilient by remaining competitive in the international marketplace.” 



H.S  Hassan  ~ Electrical Engineer & Energy Policy Advisor

Masters of Energy Planning and Policy from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Hassan is an internationally accredited Electrical Engineer recognised by the Institute of Engineers Australia. Hassan has experience working with SIEMENS in the design of LED Airport runway lighting system projects and power quality controlling regulator projects for multiple international projects. Also engaging as a volunteer for the education of the less privileged and fund raising that helped to educate over 300 kids. Hassan is now a CFE Electrical Engineering Energy Management Consultant, Project Coordinator & Energy Policy Advisor for commercial scale renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrade projects.

“With the ever increasing energy pricing & dangers of heavy metal and carbon emissions to our planet, renewable energy incorporated with energy efficiency measures can substantially reduce the cost of energy and help restore our environment.” 



Harley Baggow ~ Administration Accounting Trainee

Business Administration and Accounting Trainee with history in the customer service industry as well as presenting on land and water care with a passion for the renewable energy industry.

“As a part of the upcoming generation, sustainability is significantly important to me. Educating and helping others to become more energy efficient has become a passion of mine as a First Nations Australian. I feel honored to be helping others economically and also fulfilling my duty in sustaining the land I know and love as a positive legacy for the many future generations for years to come.”




As a First Nations Australian family owned company we seek to walk gently on the land in a sustainable way.

We firmly believe that the water, the air, the land and the environment provide us with life by nourishing and sustaining us. Therefore it is vital that we collectively work together to ensure and improve the quality of these life giving elements for the future generations of all Australians.

At Carbon Friendly Enterprises we have set an unparraleled standard in sustainable renewable energy operations and energy efficient systems to reduce, reuse, renew, refuse and recycle waste into Energy. Let us help you meet your Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP), Reconciliation Action Plan, or Solar, Renewable Energy and Energy Management requirements. CFE can be found as a Certified member of both Supply Nation and Black Business Finder as well as being registered on the Industry Connection Network (ICN). 

Increasingly the government and the private sector are seeking to purchase goods and services from Australian Owned businesses in order to capacity build within our own communities as each dollar invested into and circulated within our communities saves the government upto $8 according to a recent report. This is good for Australian businesses and good for Australian industry by integrating and introducing locally owned and operated businesses into private sector and government supply chains to make a real difference.

CFE is setting a new standard in quality engineering installations while creating an opportunity for land, water and environmental reconciliation through renewable energy, solar generation and certified energy engineering best practice!

CFE Individual Memberships and Accreditations

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