Energy Consultancy & Auditing
Energy Purchasing

Carbon Friendly understands that energy audits are an excellent way to evaluate the real cost of your business by examining energy consumption. Energy Audits commence the process of establishing energy awareness – as well as providing an opportunity to save money in the process…

Energy Efficient Products

Energy Efficient Lighting, Energy & Water Monitoring, Power Conditioning, Renewable Energy, Energy Storage Systems, Efficient HVAC options – We supply directly to wholesalers & consumers to give quality products you can rely on

Project Management &
Specialist Electrical Installations

We provide high caliber Project Management to ensure strict quality assurance of equipment retrofit or installation and to ensure the integrity of equipment is maintained…


Welcome to Carbon Friendly Enterprises

The Mission of Carbon Friendly is to help our clients to find Energy Efficiency Solutions as well as the positive cash flow and cost reduction benefits that will flow from them. CFE will do this by first independently energy auditing your operations to shed light on your energy usage.

CFE can perform Benchmark Audits, Detailed Energy Level 1, 2 & 3 Audits, FEED feasibility studies always operating in the capacity of Client Side Project Representative on highly technical equipment, modifications, renewable energy generation and system efficiency upgrades. CFE will only endorse products that have been tried and proven in industry to have the biggest positive impact on reducing waste, lowering operational costs and generating savings with predefined payback periods.

CFE Audits are signed off by International Certified Energy Managers and Chartered Professional Engineers that can also assist with:
- Capital & Sustenance Budget Development
- Products and Systems to Recover Energy
- Thermal Energy Storage Solutions
- Government Funded Initiatives and Grants

At Carbon Friendly we truly believe in what we do and being an Indigenous Australian owned company we seek to walk gently on the land in a healthy sustainable way. 

We firmly believe that the water, the air, the land and the environment provide us with life by nourishing and sustaining us. Therefore it is vital that we collectively work together to ensure and improve the quality of these life giving elements for the future of all generations.

At Carbon Friendly we have set a new standard in sustainable renewable energy operations and energy efficient systems to reduce, reuse, renew, refuse and recycle waste into energy.